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Statistics exam help privacy policy

We use this privacy policy to inform our clients how their information is used. We also share details about the security of our website. Ensure that you read and understand our privacy policy and all that it entails. Should you have a question regarding this privacy policy, be free to contact us at any time.

Privacy policy

Statisticsexamhelp.com has the right to change, modify or remove this privacy policy without informing any of its clients. To ensure that you are up to date with this privacy policy, you are advised to visit this section from time to time to familiarize yourself with any additions or changes that may have been put in place. If you have concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, you are advised to contact our customer care for clarification.

Client information

We ask for your information when hiring us to do your math exam. We ask for general details that help us communicate better with you during and after service delivery. We ask for information such as your names, email addresses, and any other that we may find necessary at that time. The best thing about us is that we clearly understand the sensitivity of personal information, and therefore we do not share personal information belonging to our clients with third parties. We have put in place a powerful security system that is highly encrypted to guarantee security.

How we use the information we collect from you

The information collected from you is used for three main purposes;

Contacting you. We use it to contact you if we need clarification regarding your exam and during submission after completion.

For statistical purposes. We also use the information from you when looking at our business model.

We also use the information to notify you if we have a new service that we think may be beneficial to you.

When your information can be shared with third parties

It is a policy in this platform that personal information should not be shared with third parties. However, there are certain times when sharing personal information may be beyond us. Such times include;

When the information is required by a law enforcement agency or a government institution. It is impossible to prevent your information from such institutions in such a case.

We can opt to share your information with our security providers, who are external in case of a security breach. In such a case, we can ensure that your information does not get into the wrong hands.

When updating our systems, our service providers can access your information. However, there is clear supervision in this case, and therefore, your information cannot get out of our premises.


It’s important to note that our website uses cookies. Cookies are only used to note your preferred areas on our website. They are not used to collect any information from clients. What is more, cookies do not share personal information. However, accepting or declining these cookies is optional. Even if you do not accept the cookies on this website, you will still get the required service without any problems or challenges.

Information security

The security of the information we collect from clients is our priority. We have put in place many measures to ensure no misuse, loss, or change of the information we collect. All our employees are well trained on the importance of user confidentiality. We are aware that no security system is perfect, and that is why we are always working to improve what we have. We have partnered with the best security experts in the industry to ensure that any attempted breach is handled immediately.

Third-party website links

This website may contain links to other websites. Note that you will be redirected to those websites if you click the links. You need to note that we do not share a privacy policy with any other website. Therefore, if you want to use a service on a website, you have been redirected to, ensure that you read and understand their privacy policy first before continuing. We will not be held liable for any breach or losses arising from the use of third-party websites.