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Terms and Conditions

Statisticsexamhelp.com uses terms and conditions to define engagement with clients. Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions carefully to understand them before seeking service. The terms and conditions will apply to all our services, and therefore it is important to understand them. The terms here apply to all the visitors to this website. If you do not understand any provisions in these terms and conditions, please seek clarification from our team. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not use the services provided here because these terms will apply.

Creation of an account

We expect you to provide the correct information when creating an account here. We consider the provision of wrong information as a breach of contract and can even lead to the termination of our engagement with you. We only account for one account user. Therefore, you are not allowed to share your account with other people when seeking service delivery. We expect that all the engagements with you will be in good faith.


Statistics exam help is the sole owner of all the content found on this website. This means that copying, sharing, modifying, leasing, publishing, or distributing the information found here without written permission from the management is illegal. The information found on this website includes videos, images, text, software, or any other information that you will find here. We encourage everyone to respect our intellectual property. We however do not limit the number of times you can read the information provided here.

Confidentiality of information

All the information you provide to us regarding service delivery will be treated as confidential information. Any other information such as the writing of reviews or articles for use in the website will not be treated as confidential information and, therefore, will be accessible by the public through the website. Information such as your names, email, phone number, and any other that we ask from you will never be shared with third parties.

Termination of our contract with you

We consider the contract between our clients and us as active immediately after we accept to work on their task. Note that either party can terminate the contract between you and us. We can terminate a contract with clients even after the agreement for different reasons. If we notice that the proceeds of your payment to us are a result of money laundering or any other illegal activities, we will terminate the contract. What is more, if you use someone else’s credit or debit card or any other payment method without their approval and we know about it, we will also cancel our engagement with you. Note that you can either be suspended or blocked from using the website in case of any illegality.

What is more, you will be held accountable for any costs incurred. Note that you can also terminate a contract from your side. Many factors can make a client terminate a contract. Should that happen, we will go through our refund policy to see whether you qualify for a refund or not.

Price and payment

All the services related to statistics exam help are provided on this website. Note that all the payments must be made through our official payment methods, which will be provided through a quotation. Note that we do not have a standard price so each exam, and therefore we will charge based on the quantity, urgency, and complexity. We will not be held accountable for any money transfer charges incurred when making the payment. In case of a dispute that is related to payment for service, we will always ensure that we handle it through our dispute resolution methods.

Limitation of liability

We do not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information provided on this platform. The information provided on our website is based on what we term as correct and can contain errors or misinformation. Therefore, we will not be held accountable for the wrong information collected from our website. What is more, we expect you to keep us free from any claim.

Modifying or changing the terms and conditions

The information provided on this website can be changed, removed, or added without prior notification to clients. We, therefore, encourage our clients to visit these pages from time to time to ensure that they are familiar with any changes that may have occurred. If you do not agree with any changes that may have been implemented, cease using the service because these conditions will apply in every service provision. Different factors in this industry can lead us to change these terms and conditions. We, however, do this with our clients in mind, and it’s in their best interest.

Dispute resolution

In case of any disputes, we prefer engagement with clients first in good faith. We always go the mediation way to come up with a resolution as fast as possible. In cases where we completely fail to agree with a client, the law comes in. The law governs us, and we follow it every time.

Governing law

The law governs this website. We ensure that every decision made by our team is based on the law. We value and respect the law, and that is why we follow it. It’s important to note that in case of any disputes, Indian law will apply.